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Creative & Cultural Leadership Management

High impact development program for decisions makers

David Wilson – Director Bradford UNESCO City of Film 01.06.17

David Wilson

Creative Consultant

Creative Cities/Creative economy/Sustainable Development


David Wilson is an expert advisor to the UK Commission for UNESCO on the development of creative cities and has provided mentoring and support to many candidate cities applying to join the UNESCO Creative Cities Network over the past decade.

Long career history in cultural programmes and in-depth knowledge in the use of culture and creativity as a driver for sustainable development.

International ambassador for the creative cities programme, regularly speaking and present at film, business and community events on culture and sustainable development, in addition to writing about film and presenting review shows on TV and radio.

Professor at the Beijing Film Academy Modern Creative Media College and Fellow in Film at the University of Bradford(UK), in May 2019 was appointed as international chair to the Editing Committee of China´s Blue Book of Film- an annual publication on the development of the global film industry, published by the Chinese Academy of social Sciences and was appointed as researcher at the school in 2020.

We design programs, workshops and strategies for city governments and nonprofit organizations.

We support government decision-makers to develop high-impact public policies, through culture initiatives that facilitate creative economy as a factor of social, urban and economic transformation.

We advise and support cities wishing to join the UNESCO Creative Cities Network strengthening international cooperation strategies.



Project for a new model of schools called: Infinite To Discover. 8 new Infinites To Discover were developed. (2016-2017)


Singapore: Moderation and facilitation in different EDTECH conferences on skills for the future world of work, the development of cognitive skills in schools and digital transformation. (2016-2017)


Campus Global is an initiative that promotes the international mobility of Argentine students, teachers, researchers and artists abroad and foreigners in Argentina. (2018)


Development of interactive game to collaborate in the education of children and adolescents on world problems in an entertaining and simple way. (2018)

Qingdao UNESCO City of Film

We supported the City of Qingdao in China to become China’s first UNESCO City of Film in 2017. Qingdao is a City of 9.2 million people and already has a rich film heritage including the 1907 Sailors Club which was China’s first commercial cinema. We helped Qingdao to formulate their application to UNESCO and also assisted in hosting a conference for key stakeholders from across China and the wider film cities network.

Bradford Unesco City of Film

We Design the Bradford strategy to become world’s first UNESCO City of Film. This permanent title bestows international recognition on Bradford as a world centre for film because of the city’s rich film heritage, its inspirational movie locations and its many celebrations of the moving image through the city’s film festivals, filmed related events and unique approach to learning about film and learning with film.

Creative Districts

Buenos Aires City

Creative Districts

Developed and led the strategy of the Metropolitan Design Center and the Design District of the city of Buenos Aires, as Deputy Director. Work was done on the global positioning of Buenos Aires as a creative and design city in more than 30 cities of the UNESCO creative cities network.

Innovation Park of
Buenos Aires City

We design actions and activations that strengthen the role of PI, as a transforming and leading actor, attracting talent and innovation, urban, social and economic.

We are specialists in innovation, we have 15 years of experience in promoting new companies in different fields.