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YPF UPStreamMentoring of the “Innovation and Integration” workshop. (2018)

Creative Districts

Buenos Aires City

Director of the Metropolitan Design Center and member of the Creative Districts board.

Participation of the Executive Board of Innovation within the government of the City of Buenos Aires and creation of “Buenos Aires al Mundo”. (2013-2015)

Nanosatellites design project in conjunction with Israel, Mexico and the USA. (2018)

Development of the creative districts of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network program. (2008 – 2013)

Creation of Young Americas Business Trust, Regional Chapter and Argentina. (2005 – 2008)

Foreign Trade in the Government of the City of Buenos Aires. (2012 – 2015)

Startup Nation

A bridge was created with the entire Startup Nation ecosystem.

Participation as Faculty in Young Cultural Innovation Forum. (2014-2019)YCI

Leader of the policy of insertion and international positioning of Argentina as a destination for international students. 2017-2019

Chief of Cabinet of Educar. SE: Led the birth of a new model of schools called: Infinite Undiscovered. (2016-2017)

EDUCAR.SE: Interdepartmental integration and alignment of top management to the new strategy. (2016)

Link with seed capital funds and the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the Valley.


Campus Global is an initiative that promotes the international mobility of Argentines abroad and foreigners in Argentina. (2018)

We developed a video game for the dissemination and training of the sustainable development goals (SDG) established by the United Nations for 2030. (2018).

Popular newspaper: Workshop on new business model. (2014-2018)

Singapore: Participation as moderator and facilitator in different EDTECH conferences on skills for the future world of work, development of cognitive skills in schools and digital transformation. (2016-2017)

We are specialists in innovation, we have 15 years of experience in promoting new companies in different fields.